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Animate a 3D Banner with BasicScroll

How to make a Scrolling Screenshot Preview Effect

Animating with the Clip-Path CSS property

How to open a photo gallery in a lightbox

How to style Google Maps

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How to style a Fluent Forms form

How to style a Contact Form 7 form

Block reveal animations

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How to host Google Fonts locally

A better Slider with Flickity

How to make some cool slideshows

Customize the Modal Backdrop style

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Customize the Scroll animation effects

Animate your website with anime.js

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How to add an animated counter

How to add an animated circular progress bars

How to add a lightbox effect to your images

How to have a different Logo in sticky header

Interactive parallax

How to add a shape divider

How to animate the submenu

How to add an Image Comparison Slider

Scroll animations with ScrollOut

Parallax effect on any element

Add a flipbox effect to the superbox element

+40 image hover effects for your galleries

Very simple parallax background effect

How to load Google Fonts locally

Animated heading

How to have different menus with Polylang

How to make any element sticky

How to add a particles background effect

Trigger a function when you scroll to an element

Animate the header with TweenMax

How to add a Tilt effect to your images

Tabs with nice transitions

Shrinking header